About Filter-Technics

Our strong points

Our strong points

As an organization we want to excel in our field and distinguish ourselves in the market.

We 'd like to tell you what makes us unique, what strengths we possess to provide our clients even a better service, or to convince you to set up a partnership with us. 

About Filter-Technics


  • own scientific and technical filterresearch
  • highly trained and specialized staff
  • continuous training
  • participation at specialized trade fairs and productmeetings
  • giving own presentations
  • organization of courses and training to businesses, schools, associations



  • Filter-Technics' theoretical but mainly practical knowledge, enables us to propose the right quality solution for almost every filtration problem
  • our staff always tries to work out the right solution in terms of price-quality functionality
  • if necessary we can make studies with dimensional drawings, diagrams, sketches situation, and calculations
  • we will always strive to provide the necessary technical data sheets, in consultation with the appropriate filter manufacturer, and offer the most suitable filter
  • by combining standard filters with tailor made work, we can virtually solve every filter problem



  • Filter-Technics offers a versatile inside staff and outside sales team to assist you with expert advice and service
  • together with you we analyze and study the filtration problem and try to solve the situation by applying our technical knowledge and experience
  • we follow-up our customers: are the filtering systems still performing their job, or should any improvements be made?
  • we are able to carry out analysis on site, in our own laboratory, or in cooperation with specialized laboratories
  • Filter-Technics assists customers to set up a proactive maintenance policy.
    After finalizing the study, the client receives feedback and is documented. This allows him to order  the correct filters, to avoid machine failures and limit extra costs to a minimum


Logistic & packaging

Logistiek & verpakking
  • stock items are sent out to customers daily
  • short delivery times: non-stock items ordered before 10 am are usually shipped within 3 working days
  • our own delivery service provides regional shipments, deliveries in inaccessible places or urgent deliveries
  • national and international shipments are carried out by reliable partners
  • we can filter and / or personalize packaging, so you may create added value to your organization


Production of filter units

Productie van filtergroepen
  • we produce custom filtration units
  • most filtration units are filtergroups suitable for hydraulic oil or fluid treatment groups with bagfilters and/or coreless element filters
  • our filter groups can be rented, bought or tested in a lease/purchase formula
  • the rising units can be installed and dismantled on-site by our technicians


Mounting & installation

Montage & installatie
  • our own technicians are available for assembly and installation of all our filters and filterunits
  • when necessary we work with specialized installation companies



  • perform membrane analysis in our own lab
    After sending us your oil samples we perform an analysis on the oil through a membrane in our own laboratory
    Based on this analysis and thanks to our knowledge and experience we can fairly quickly determine the nature, amount and type of pollution. We inform you on the degree of purity of your oil and also whether there is a problem with the filter or a machine part.
  • cooperation with specialized laboratories for more specialized and technical analysis
    When a more specific, physical, chemical or technical information is needed we will have preformed a tailor made oil analysis by aspecialized lab. Within 3-4 days, we provide you the result of an extensive report in the language you want.
  • air measurements
    We preform air measurements with a specialized DUSTTRAK air monitoring device, in order to indicate the exact location where there is a problem in terms of air quality. Based on these measurements, we can identify the cause of pollution in the machinery and propose a proper filter solution. These filters improve air quality in such a way that regulatory norms are met and business environment becomes comfortable again for the staff.



  • metallurgical microscope allows us to perform a detailed analysis of your oil samples