Überblick Compressed air filters

Filter-technics provides a complete range of high quality compressed air systems which can be used with any compressed air application. Our filters ensure minimal pressure drop with maximum optimized energy-efficient filtering. We filter compressed air of each classification, for different applications: simple drive air, process air, medical / pharmaceutical air. 

  1. Compressed air filters
    Besides electricity, water and gas, compressed air is one of the most commonly energy transferers. With a high quality of air conditioning, important aspects such as economic filtering, application-oriented air quality and reliable performance,  should be taken into account.  
  2. Dryers
    A complete line of compressed air dryers and adsorption- and membrane dryers  allows to meet your specific requirements on air quality and system solutions. The modular designed product  range provides customer specific and oriented solutions and reliable performance.

  3. Condensate management
    Condensate drainage and treatment requires the right equipment. Depending on your requirements you can choose between, electronically controlled drainers, oil / water separators or complete systems for condensate treatment.
    For the treatment of stable oil/wateremulsions of compressed air condensate, Ultrafilter International provides for example a guaranteed quality filterlevel of less than 5 ppm.



Compressed air filters