Überblick Filter units & By-pass filters

Filter Technics builds different filter units for your various applications.
Most filtergroups are rinsing units for hydraulic oil or filter units for liquids with bag filters and / or coreless elements.
With this oil filtering units you can rinse and clean your equipment in a fast and efficient way.
Depending on what is required, we combine pre-filtration, fine-filtration, and water absorption.
You can filter 20l, 40l, 60l, 80l even 230L per minute, depending on the selected filters
Our filtergroups filter oil to up to 3000 cSt.


  • in addition to the existing system
  • filtration of new oil at start-up
  • conditioning of the purity of the oil
  • transport of oil between reservoirs


Hydraulic filters

Filter units & By-pass filters