Überblick Hydraulic filters

Hydraulic filters are used to keep mineral and synthetic oils pure and clean. The hydraulic oil provides a constant lubricating film to all moving components.
When oil is contaminated, this causes wear on the machines.
The pollution may be caused by:

  • contaminated new oil (especially fibers, water, silicon particles,...)
  • contamination in the machine, caused by production of the new machine itself: (especially metal particles, fibers, silicon particles,...)
  • outside contamination: dirty pipes, dusty environments, poor tankbreather filters
    in addition, the oil can acidify and oxidize which creates a gel arises. This gel is a degradation product of the oil aging, a kind of polymerization of the oil. It is generated through high temperatures or high concentrations of metal particles which are as a catalysis definitely work in the presence with water.

Thanks to a good filtration and preventive oil analysis you can avoid these problems on your machines, and reduce it to a minimum.



Hydraulic filters