Engine air filters - replacement elements

Engine air filters - replacement elements

Air is not only of vital importance for every form of life on earth, but also important for diesel engines.

An average Heavy Duty Diesel truck engine requires between 13,000 and 20,000 liters of air to burn just one liter of fuel. However, this air is often contaminated with smoke, dust, smog or other particles. Such as temperature and humidity, these particles are not always visible to the eye, but they are harmful to the engine. They reduce the purity of the air and can lead to serious damage to all parts of the engine.

Fleetguard has introduced a revolutionary filtration design with its patented Optioir air filters. A complete line of filter housings + elements has been developed for all engines with the following advantages:


  • Smaller housings required for compact engine compartments
  • More dirt collection capacity to extend the service intervals
  • With integrated pre-separator or internal filter to extend filter life
  • Shorter service times are required which means less maintenance costs


So better performance and air quality, easier installation and lower maintenance costs.
Fleetguard has different versions of air filters for engines for every application:

15% more filter surface ensures extra durability even in harsh conditions

These fins on the filter allow the air to swirl, removing larger dirt particles before entering the filter, which also ensures longer life and maximum protection.

These push-on elements with a 360 ° radial seal ensure a perfect seal and no possibility of dirt falling into the air intake when replaced.

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