Full Range of replacement Elements
Full Range of replacement Elements

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As main Fleetguard and Donaldson distributor, we combine the advantages of these two major filter manufacturers: thus we have a unique and complete range of all filter housings and replace elements.
Fleetguard has the largest coverage of cross references and Donaldson is highly specialized in hydraulic filtration with a wide range of filter housings and elements, both standard elements as well as elements with additional filter media. Because off this ideal combination we can almost supply every filter element for all kinds of pressures and fineness and on very short notice.


Hydraulic filters



Besides the standard filter elements, we have developped elements with a specail filtermedia:

    Almost all Hydac, Pall... elements are available in this media
    Additional filter surface provides 73% higher dirt capacity and lower initial pressure drop in comparison with the original elements
    This is a new 2 in 1 filter design which provides 91% higher dirt capacity that will significantly extend the lifespan and reduce maintenance costs


TRIBOGUARD DX 2 in1 filter design

Replacement elements