T.R.A.P breathers

T.R.A.P breathers
(Thermally Reactive Advanced Protection)

Thanks to this new technology the water in the hydraulic circuits will be detected and removed faster: these filter already work at a relative humidity of 15%. These filters work with a media in which salts are impregnated. T.R.A.P. breather strips moisture vapor from intake air and release the moisture back to the atmosphere on the outflow cycle. The filter continuously regenerates its water holding capacity. T.R.A.P. breathers expel the moisture back out, eliminating the need to change the breather due to water saturation, unlike desiccant filters that require frequent change-out.

T.R.A.P. breathers not only protect against moisture but also provide advanced particulate filtration.


  • Extended lifespan: extracts the moisture and refreshes the volume at each cycle.
  • Effectiveness: quickly responds to the conditions in the hydraulic reservoir, by creating a moisture barrier without airflow.
  • Low maintenance cost: thermally reactive protection starts at a relative humidity of 15%.
  • Filtration up to 3μ at 97% and can not freeze in winter.


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