• Total filter solution

    Filter Technics is specialized in industrial filtration.
    We are a one-stop supplier for all your filtration products.
    Do you have problems with filtration in general, or you have a very specific question or application?
    Looking for expert advice? Do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Hydraulic filters

    Hydraulic filters are used to keep mineral and synthetic oils clean.
    Due to good filtration, you can prevent all these problems on your machines, and reduce to a minimum.
    Filter-Technics is your professional partner in this area.

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  • Liquid filters

    Liquid filters remove particles and impurities from liquids, both from natural and unnatural sources. Bag filters, coreless elements, basket filters, ... Filter-Technics offers solutions for all your applications.

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  • Air filters

    Air can be filtered for various reasons: pollution prevention, purifying breathing air or purify the air intake of installations or mahines.
    Whatever the application, we can can find solutions for most of your filter problems.

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  • Engine filters

    On the market you will find a wide range of filtration products, coolants and fuel additives. Therefor it is of the utmost importance to choose filters on which you can rely and with which you can equip your valuable equipment in accordance to the highest standards of performance and protection.
    The filters Filter-Technics offers you, assure you of reliable performance and maximum protection for the extended life time of your motor.

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  • Compressor & vauumpump filters

    Proper air and oilfilters undoubtedly improve the operation of compressors and vacuum pumps: air-oil separators, spin-on air and oil separators, ... are indispensable.
    The most modern filtration technology in suctionsystems and filter media help to keep your compressors in optimal condition. Filter-Technics is your expert partner and will assist and advise you on this .

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