Filtrační tělesa kapsových filtrů

Kapsový filtr JcX and JcV

The construction of the bag filters JcX and JcV are based on elements from the JeX/JeV bag filter units. Additionally we have optimized the construction using the latest separator technology in a way that enables us to offer these new bag filters at a price ranging 15% to 25% below other filters. This means that we are very competitive and at the same time hold on to the advantages of a circular construction of the filter housing:

  • The filter is able to handle a high vacuum.
  • The filter is prepared for Atex.
  • The filter can handle difficult dust types.

The JcX/JcV bag filter can be equipped with scarber bottom - the same type we have been using for 5 years in our filters for biomass burning. The filter is delivered with Teldust's high-efficient bubble pulse-jet cleaning system. Bags to be changed from dust side on JcX and from clean air side on JcV.


Application range: chemical industry, crop plants and feed plants, foodstuffs, wood dust, dust from grinding processes and other difficult dust types.



Bag filter FplaX

FplaX is in particular a usefull squared bag filter, for almost any purpose when choosing the correct type of filter bags. This filter is often used for plasma cutting and metallizing and it is especially used, where cartridge filters are not sufficient. FplaX is supplied with Teldust´s very effective and well tested bubble-pulse jet cleaning system, to secure the best reliability in surface cleaning as well as depth cleaning. The filter bags are changed from the dust side.

Application range: welding - plasma cutting - laser cutting - plastic industry - grain and fodder industry - chemical industry - cement industry - stone industry.



Bag filter FconV

FconV is a compact, easy installable bag filter for large air amounts (50.000 - 250.000 m3/h). The fully welded filter made of steel is delivered premounted and prepared for Atex classification. Bags are to be replaced from clean-air side. The filter is designed in a way that leads to optimal distribution of the non-cleaned air in the filter unit. Due to the low air speed, the segregation in the filter bag is optimal and a long life time of the bags is thus ensured. We have a wide selection of filter bags for various applications at your disposal.


Application range: dust Extraction Systems for large production facilities, foundries, sand blasting, minerals and bulk products.



Bag filter FpleaT

FpleaT is a squared pleated bag filter suitable for non-grease dust types. The filter is designed the same way, and provided with the same cleaning system, as filter type FplaX and FplaV. FpleaT has pleated bags. A combination of the advantage for a bag and a cartridge. It means that pleated bags can have more square meters than traditional filter bags. Pleated bags are suitable for very fine particles.

Application range: all industry with easy flowing dust types and fine particles.

Filterunit FplaV
Filterunit FplaX
Filterunit FpleaT
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