Průmyslové vysavače

Filter-Technics can also help you with industrial vacuum cleaners. Our range of vacuum cleaners meet all your production site needs as they have been developed "on the field", together with the end users of each industrial sector and with the specific requests and needs identified by maintenance managers. Together with our fixed supplier, DU-PUY, we can offer you (tailor-made) solutions for industrial vacuum cleaners and can vacuum any type of material or production waste, be it liquid, solid or powder.


The DU-PUY vacuum cleaner series is suitable for specific cleaning and maintenance needs: lubricants, metal shavings, plastic or textile waste, fine powder, sand, flour, explosive material, etc.


  • Professional vacuum cleaners (liquid and dry);
  • Single-phase industrial vacuum cleaners;
  • Three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners;
  • Oil industrial vacuum cleaners;
  • Silos vacuum cleaners;
  • ATEX certified industrial vacuum cleaners;
  • Air compressed industrial vacuum cleaners.

Profesionální vysavače - WET & DRY

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