Three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners

What are three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners? They are vacuum cleaners equipped with powerful and robust side channel turbine engines, from 2.5 kW up to 18.5 kW of power, able to work in a heavy and continuous way, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, without maintenance. The three-phase vacuum cleaners of this range have a high handling and a robust construction. They are the right compromise of power, size and filtration for a suction without equal. Depending on your needs, these vacuum cleaners can be used in centralized suction systems, in fact it can make customizations to make your machine unique and perfectly integrated in your working environment.



Three Phase Series


M 50 - Heavy Duty industrial three phase vacuum cleaners

Download Datasheet M50

Download Datasheet M50 HP

Download Datasheet M70

Download Datasheet M90


MHD 100 - Heavy Duty Three-phase industrial vacuum cleaner

Download Datasheet MHD100

Download Datasheet MHD150

Download Datasheet MHD180 HP

Download Datasheet MHD200


W 2 Infini T

Download Datasheet


W 3 Infini 2 - Versatile three phase industrial vacuum cleaner

Download Datasheet Infini 2

Download Datasheet Infini 4