All sales are made under the following general terms and conditions of sale. At the time of the order, the buyer is deemed to accept it without reservation, even when the order is given by telephone.


Art. 1: Publicity and quotations: All publicity and quotations are without obligation and subject to revision and only bind FILTER-TECHNICS bvba after its written confirmation.


Art. 2: Unless FILTER-TECHNICS BVBA has stipulated otherwise in writing, the delivery times are only provided by way of information and they do not bind FILTER-TECHNICS BVBA in any way. Unless stipulated otherwise in writing by FILTER-TECHNICS BVBA, the goods are always transported at the risk of the buyer. Unless the buyer notifies FILTER-TECHNICS BVBA in writing on the day that he takes receipt of the goods, the goods are deemed to have been delivered in conformity and FILTER-TECHNICS BVBA does not owe any indemnification for visible defects. Indemnification against hidden defects is only provided if FILTER-TECHNICS BVBA is notified thereof by registered letter within eight days after delivery.


Art. 3: All invoices are payable to the seller's address, net, cash, without discount, unless otherwise agreed with the order. Our bills of exchange or receipts do not entail any novation or deviation from this clause. Any amount that remains unpaid on the due date will, by operation of law and without notice, owe a fixed compensation of 20% of the unpaid invoice amount with a minimum of € 37.18. The buyer will never be able to invoke set-off against FILTER-TECHNICS BVBA.


Art. 4: Retention of title and dissolution by operation of law.

FILTER-TECHNICS bvba reserves the right of ownership to the delivered goods, without prejudice to the risk of the buyer with regard to these goods until the entire payment. The non-payment of a single invoice on its due date renders the outstanding balance of all other invoices even not due immediately due and payable by operation of law. If the buyer does not fulfill his obligations, FILTER-TECHNICS BVBA reserves the right to suspend all deliveries; to retain or revend the sold goods; to invoke the dissolution of the sale regardless of its privilege over the goods or the sale price thereof and without prejudice to the high stipulated damages and interest. The dissolution of the sale takes place by operation of law and without notice of default and will be communicated to the buyer by simple writing. The advances paid remain acquired by FILTER-TECHNICS bvba as compensation for losses on resale.

Art. 5: Belgian law applies to this agreement. In the event of a dispute, the courts of Antwerp have exclusive jurisdiction, also in the case of a plurality of defendants and in the case of connection with claims by or against third parties. FILTER-TECHNICS BVBA reserves the right as plaintiff or plaintiff to deviate from this.