Low pressure filters

The in-line GA filter is a very solid filter, with a perfect price-quality ratio. The filter has a built-in magnet that captures metal particles. The oil is filtered from inside to outside.

Lage drukfilters
Lage drukfilters
IL8 Series High flow high dirt capacity
RF Series High flow rates, large element
GA model - Parker (Fairey Arlon)
GA model - Parker (Fairey Arlon)
GA model - Parker (Fairey Arlon)
FF1087 Series cast iron porting space saving design
FF1093 Series in-line filters multiple porting
FF1300 Series High flow high capacity filters
FF1110 Series High flow in-line steel filter
50P Series bowl-up steel and iron assembly
DIL8 Series Duplex version of the IL8 series
GA filterelement - Parker (Fairey Arlon)
GA filterelement sizes - Parker (Fairey Arlon)