Low-Cost filter units

This filtering unit provides double filtering for oil and diesel and absorbs water and impurities. The unit can be equipped with electronics for control and automation of two functions:

  1. To determine the filtering time in relation to the quantity to be processed.
  2. Automatically switching off in case of clogged filters.

The unit has a supply and return line with integrated valve.


Technical Specifications:

  • Sturdy wheel structure, large wheel diameters
  • Vanes pump
  • Flow: 56l/min
  • 2 sets of 4m 3/4 "hose
  • Manually tank pistol
  • Optional: Electronic control panel for filtration

Filter capacity:

  1. phase: 30μ, with water absorption filter.
  2. phase: 5μ, for impurities.
Eenvoudige Low-Cost filter units