Membrane filtration

Membrane filtration is a process in which substances are removed from all kinds of liquids by means of separation based on particle size and differential pressure.


Filter-Technics has access to the world's largest selection of membrane products:

  • Hollow fiber membranes;
  • Spiral membranes;
  • Tubular membranes.

Discover the possibilities to adapt and integrate a unique system that is tailored to the specific goals of your company. Or choose from a wide range of pre-designed systems in different sizes and configurations applicable in all industries. We strive to make the filtration process easy, productive and cost effective every step of the way. For decades we have been working with KOCH Seperation Solutions, which gives us the ability to guarantee our customers an excellent quality.

Filter-Technics' Membrane Filtration Handbook

Learn more about the membrane filtration process. Download our Membrane Filtrantion Handbook down bellow and contact us if you have any questions.

Hollow Fiber Membranes

Spiral Membranes

Tubular Membranes