Disposable medical masks

The Filter-Technics medical mouth and nose masks are of the best type, namely type IIR and therefore have a BFE ≥ 98% and the highest splash resistance. This means that aerosols that come on the mask are less likely to penetrate through the mask. A surgical mouth mask is a sterile type IIR mouth mask.




  • 3 filter layers ultrasonically welded together.
  • The inner layer is a skin-friendly PP fleece of 20 g / m².
  • The middle filter layer is a 25 g / m² Melt Blown non woven and blocks the finest particles and aerosols.
  • The breathable & water-repellent outer layer is a 20 g / m² non-woven.
  • All layers are free from latex and fiberglass. The materials in direct contact with the face are hypoallergenic and harmless.
  • The materials used have sufficient strength and cannot be damaged or deformed during normal life.


The medical disposable masks are packed per 50 in a Hypoallergenic plastic bag in a cardboard box. Personalization is available on request.



CE certificates

Type: IIR
Production standard: GB / T32610-2016
EU standard: EN14683: 2019 + AC: 2019
Agency: SGS & BeFitLab
Test Report:

SGS No: GZHL2004008656MD-01
BeFitLab No: BT20033101617

Medical Mask Layers
Medical Mask Layers
Medical Mask Layers
Medical Mask Layers
Medical Mask Layers
Medical Mask - BEFit Report
Medical Mask - SGS Report