KN95 high efficient mask

Our KN95 mouth-nose masks follow the GB2626-2006 standard and are equivalent to the type FFP2 mask (European standard EN 149-2001) and have a PFE of ≥ 95% on 0.1 sub-micron particles. An FFP2 mask should actually only have ≥ 94% BFE while the GB2626-2006 for KN95 requires BFE ≥ 95%, a KN95 mask has a higher requirement than an FFP2 mask.




  • 5 filter layers ultrasonically welded together.
  • All layers are free from latex and fiberglass. Materials that come in direct contact with the face are hypoallergenic and harmless.
  • The mask can be attached firmly to the face and there will be no obvious compression or sensitivity issues when worn.
  • The mask must be able to ensure close contact with the face and must not deform during its life.
  • The materials used are sufficiently strong and cannot be damaged or deformed during normal life.


The KN95 masks are packed per 50 in a Hypoallergenic plastic bag in a cardboard box. Personalization is available on request.



CE certificate

GB 2626-2006 standard (EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009)
Product: KN95 Face Mask
Agency: Zhejiang Light Industrial Products Inspection and Research Institute
Test Report: No W202006889

KN95 Face Mask Layers
KN95 Face Mask Layers
KN95 Face Mask Layers
KN95 Face Mask Layers
KN95 Face Mask Layers
KN95 Face Mask - Test Report