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Compressed air as a source of energy

Compressed air has been used for the past 2000 years. Today, it is one of the most important sources of energy for manufacturing and industrial processes, and a large number of production processes are made possible only through the use of compressed air.


An efficient and cost-effective production, treatment and use of compressed air is therefore of crucial importance in your processes.



Compelling reasons for compressed air treatment

In a compressor, atmospheric air is brought to a higher pressure potential through the application of mechanical energy, which results in the air molecules being compressed. In addition to the air itself, oil, water vapour and a number of other substances are also compressed. The temperature of the compressed air is reduced to the dew point in a dryer in order to separate out the water. Compressed air at 7 bar (g) has eight times more impurities than normal ambient air.




Principal impurities i n compressed air

  • Vapour: Water and oil in gas form
  • Aerosols: Small, nebulised drops of liquid formed from water and oil
  • Solids: Dust, sand and particles resulting from corrosion and wear
  • Liquid: Water, oil


Water content of air

The capacity of the air to hold water depends on temperature. The higher the dew point (the point at which the air is saturated with water and at which the relative humidity is 100%), the higher the amount of water that the air can hold. When the air cools down, the water is released from the air and the compressed air becomes contaminated.




Condensate comprises around 99% water and around 1% impurities (containing oil, in the case of oil-lubricated compressors, and dirt from corroded particles in the piping, with additional contaminants from the ambient air that has been drawn in).



The consequences

Untreated compressed air damages compressed air lines, resulting in expensive maintenance costs and production downtime. Insufficient compressed air treatment also results in a fall in quality during the production process. This doesn’t need to be the case; our products provide optimal compressed air treatment that is perfectly aligned with your requirements.


Compressed air preparation – a question of efficiency

The situation:

  • Shortcomings in compressed air quality affect your entire production process – moisture laden and contaminated compressed air costs money
  • Important system energy is wasted

Benefits of consistent treatment:

  • Your operating costs are reduced
  • Maintenance and repair work is kept to a minimum
  • Your production quality is significantly improved

Optimise your processes and produce the flawless products demanded by your customers.

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