Vysokotlaké filtry

Široký sortiment vysokotlakých filtrů.

15 30P Series All aluminum filters for compact pressure line applications
CN Series Compact all aluminum design
FD-1 series
FD-3 series
FDE-1 series
FDM-1 series
FF1145 Series medium pressure in-line
FF5000 Series Nodular cast iron construction
FF7001 Series cast iron and steel construction, side inlet, top outlet porting
FF7000 Series higher flow capacity
FF7100 Series Cast iron and steel pressure line filters,side inlet and top outlet
FF7200 Series Low flow high pressure filters for specific component protection
M Series Modern design for high pressure mobile applications
Moduflow Series, suction in-tank inline or duplex style
P Series high pressure filter for industrial applications
PA PM PN Series Manifold design for space saving
PD Series Compact duplex design for uninterrupted flow
PD Series Compact duplex design for uninterrupted flow
Western filters
High pressure filter
High pressure filter