Cartridge filter housings

Cartridge filter 4500

4500 is a robust filter, containing one single cartridge. It is with a built-in dustcontainer, pre-separator and equipped with the unique compressed air cleaning system of Teldust. Dust collection in dustbin in standard version.


Application range: 4500 is especially suitable for small amounts of air, and is suitable for small filtration tasks such as welding fumes, laser cutting and grinding. The filter is also suitable as a high vacuum filter, and as a filter in a central vacuum cleaner system


Special features: The filter is prepared for rotary valve mounting and big bags for continuous ejection of the dust. The filter is further being characterized of being useable for a vacuum up till 35.000 Pa as a standard.


Cartridge filter 5500

Cartridge filter 5500 contains 2 cartridges and is suitable for filtration of limited air amounts, in cases where the capacity of 4500 isn't sufficient. The filter is equipped with the unique compressed air cleaning system of Teldust. Dustcollection in dustbin in standard version.


Application range: The cartridge filter 5500 is suitable for air volumes up to 3000 m3/h in filtration tasks of welding fumes, lasercutting and grinding.



Cartridge filter 7500

7500 is a cartridgefilter in a compact and fully welded construction, with a big capacity, at a competitive price. The filter is equipped with the unique compressed air cleaning system of Teldust.

The filter contains 4 cartridges and is delivered with a 50 L dustbin and a standard controller.


Application range: 7500 is especially suitable for smaller amounts of air up till 6000 m³/h, like welding fumes, plasma cutting etc. Usable as a universal filter for a lot of smaller filtration tasks.


The filter can also be used for filtration of easy flowing dusttypes, like cement, sand, quarts, and other not-hygroscopic powder types or as a filterpart in a central vacuumcleaner system.



Cartridge filter Pidclean

Pidclean N2 and N4 are very compact cartridge filters with horizontal cartridges. Pidclean 32B has 9 vertical hanging cartridges. The filters are especially suitable for mounting in even smaller places.


Application range: Welding fumes of all sorts. The plastics industry and for small dust filtration tasks.



Cartridge filter RX

The RX filter is a high vacuum cartridge filter, able to resist a significant vacuum up to 35000 Pa, and a higher vacuum at special constructions. The special feature of this filter is hanging cartridges. Cleaning is carried out fully automatically during operation, by the unique high efficient Teldust cleaning system. The cleaning system is specially designed and tested for the purpose of cleaning the filter cartridges under demanding conditions.


Application range: The filter is suitable for high vacuum units dealing with welding smoke, vacuum units and pneumatic transports units.



Cartridge filter SaX

The Sax filter is a cartridgefilter with a special designed intake. The intake is constructed according to the DOWN-STREAM principle. This means the intake is mounted on the top or on the side of the filter. This constructions allows you to benefit from the gravity to separate a part of the dust amount thereby minimizing the "stress" on the cartridge. The SAX filter is furthermore constructed with a current leading plate, protecting the cartridges against wear, thus giving a better distribution of the air inside the filter.

The filter comes with the unique JET-X cleaning system, which provides an efficient cleaning of the cartridges. When dimensioning, one should take into consideration, that the air to cloth ratio on the paper cartridges should only be half as much, as on the polyester cartridges. In return is the area of the paper cartridges twice as high, as that on the polyester cartridges.


Application range: All types of welding fumes and cases of dusting processes and for fluidizing and easy-flowing types of dust.



Cartridge filter X Jumbo

The Jumbo filter is our latest development within horizontal mounted cartridge filters. The design is equal to our popular SaX filter, but with the modified cleaning system it is possible to clean 2½ cartridges per valve. Unlike the SaX filter which can clean 2 cartridges per valve.


Application range: Welding fumes of all sorts. And for fluidizing and easy-flowing types of dust.


All filters can be delivered with an Atex Zone 22 classification.

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