Preventive maintenance

Filter-Technics assists and supports its customers with the fine-tuning of their filtering processes. Through preventive maintenance, the related quality improvements, will provide a higher return and more optimal operation of your systems and processes.


Whether it concerns: air filtration, liquid filtration, compressed air filters, hydraulic filters, water filters, oil filters, fuel filters, HEPA filters, actif carbon filters, panel filters, cartridge filters, coreless elements, bag filters or other applications.


Filter Technics is your expert partner in this matter.


We propose a concept in 5 steps:

  1. Inventory
  2. Analysis
  3. Extra filtration
  4. Selection
  5. Information

We offer you an optional filterstudy, all the equipment is analyzed in regard to the filterspecifications. Simultaneously we monitor the borderequipments such as indicators and airbreahter filters.


We analyze the oil, water or air. With this information we can check the correct functioning of the installations.

Extra filtration

If after analysis it appears that the existing filtration is not sufficient, an additional filtration can be performed. This can be in the form of a by-pass filter that is mounted on the machine or an autonomous mobile unit with its own pump.


We offer more than 3000 replacement elements available to provide your machines with the appropriate filter.


The information obtained from the studies is processed. A summary list of machines, type of machines, locations, application, filters, filter media, reference and price allows the customer to order the correct filter in an efficient way.